1-What made you choose the theme?

I chose the unicorn theme because my youngest daughter is absolutely unicorn crazy, as soon as I saw this I knew I had to book it! Perfect birth treat

2- How many tents did you hire? Would you increase the numbers of tents if you did that again?

I hired 4 tents, which was suited to the small celebration. If I were to book again, and Covid guidelines permitting(!), will look to book more. Especially impressed with the space configurations that you ladies were able to work with!

3- How was your child’s reaction when she saw the final setup? And how were the reactions of the guests and other parents?

Her face when she saw the set up was priceless! Excitement and happiness all in one! She was delighted! Best day ever she said! All the details she absolutely loved, and personalised party boxes too! Her friends and all other guests were absolutely impressed with the set up.

4- If you could add any of our extras to your sleepover, what would you add?

I added party boxes and sleep masks which were a great touch. If would like the slippers too for next time!

5- Do you think the time the organisers took to setup and collect the teepees was reasonable?

Timing was perfect, as per the communication. Set up was great, timely and very well organised.

6- If you can leave a message for parents who are thinking of organising a sleepover party for their children, what would you say to them?

I would recommend any parents thinking of this to definitely do it! It is absolutely worth it, and seeing the space transformed into teepee heaven is magical for the parents too!

Can you please talk about the hygiene, do you think the bedding and cushions were clean and sanitised?

Hygiene and standards were impeccable, observed throughout the use if antibacterial spray during set up. Bedding, cushions etc were fresh, clean and sanitised thoroughly.