A Christmas to remember!

And so this is nearly that time of the year we all wait for. Celebrating with family and friends, the children singing carols by the tree… Does it ring a jingle bell? So why not get merry and have some Christmas fun with the children?

Treasure Teepees offers bespoke Christmas teepees decorated with twinkly lights, christmas trees and luxury baubles for your bubble! And of course we also offer a Styling Christmas table service!

Have you ever thought of a unicorn themed Christmas? Perhaps a lavish white and gold Christmas decor? Or the magical tradition of elves, nutcracker and Santa? All of these you can have with Treasure Teepees. And we style your Christmas table to your very taste.

We will decorate your table with the theme of your choice and fabulous personalised Christmas items such as napkins holders, table markers, luxury Christmas flowers arrangements and more… this is a truly thoughtful Christmas gift for the whole family!

How about an indoor picnic? Great way  to create the cosiest family fun. Gathering around our picnic table and guessing each other’s Secret Santa.
With Treasure Tepees we guarantee, “Santa Claus is coming”… to your home!

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Hubble bubble toil and trouble!

It’s Halloween time and Treasure Teepees has created a spooky teepee party theme especially for your little ones.

With no trick or treating this year, Halloween at home can be a fun alternative for both kids and adults alike!

Treasure Teepees has got it all covered for you. Your little terrors can play games and watch a spooky movie all with our comfortable mattresses, cushions and blankets provided. Alakazam! We didn’t forget the treats either!
Every child will get a complimentary Halloween treat box!

We also have a breakfast table ready for each child in the morning.
Get inspired by some great Halloween breakfast recipes and ideas. Here is a link we found interesting:


Having a Halloween teepee party will be an spookily exciting experience for your kids this season.

All you have to do now is choose the movie and contact Treasure teepees to organise it for you.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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